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I am an electrical systems engineer having enthusiasm for signal processing. I am looking for a full-time opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously contributing to organisational goals , growth and development.

Currently, working on enhancement of real-time object tracking using local image features and structural information. I have sound knowledge on Automation as my bachelors is from Electronics and Instrumentation engineering. I am proficient in Matlab, Python C and. I am shining my skills in C++. I am good at Java, MS Word, PowerPoint, LabView, Simulink, VHDL, PLC. I have strong mathematical skills and i am an expeditious learner. I can speak Telugu, Hindi, English and German.

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C language










MS Word,LaTex



My Projects

Ongoing Project

CMT is an object tracking algorithm with the following specific properties:
1)Utilization of single frame for initilization                    2)Use of Structural information
3)Real-time capability          4)Learning the appearance of an object of interest online

Only fewer such algorithms exist
My Master's thesis focuses on developing an extension by integrating addition local image features to the existing object tracking algorithm wit the above mentioned features. By such extension, the speed and accuracy of the object tracking algorithm more likely to increase. This is done using conventional methods instead of deep learningl. If the local image features in the extension is interchanged with a distinct set of features, the object tracking algorithm should successfully be able to detect the object of interest. For instance, if the blob features in the extension are replaced by edge segments, the functionality of the algorithm should not be altered.


  • Oct 2014

    Universität Paderborn

    Paderborn, Germany

    M.Sc, Electrical systems engineering

    Specialisation in Signals and Information Processing

    Research Projects

    “Energy supply structure for Future”
    DATA LOGGER for PRESSURE is developed using Raspberry Pi and SQLite database.

    Technical Papers Implemented

    “Canonical correlation analysis of high-dimensional data with very small sample support”
    Y Song, PJ Schreier, D Ramírez, T Hasija

    “Estimating the number of independent components for functional magnetic resonance imaging data”
    YO Li, T Adalı, VD Calhoun

    Technical Papers Presented

    “Accuracy - Configurable Adder for Approximate Arithmetic Designs”
    Andrew B. Kahng and Seokhyeong Kang

    ““A Novel Approach to Incremental Functional Diagnosis for Complex Electronic Boards”
    Cristiana Bolchini, Luca Cassano Member

  • 2010

    Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Engineering and Technology

    Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh,India

    B. Tech, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

    Research Projects

    “Prevention of Accidents by Eyeblink detection method”
    A prototype car is designed and implemented using 8051 Microcontroller equipped with Infrared sensor, Vibrator and DC motors

    Technical Papers Presented

    “Robotic Surgery”
    held at Osmania University

    “Artificial Vision”
    held at Lakkireddy Balireddy College of Engg. and Technology

    “Large Scale Power Generation by using FUEL CELLS”
    held at JNTU

  • 2008

    Narayana Junior College

    High School Degree / Intermediate

    Formal education in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.


Alois-Fuchs-weg 9/012,
33098 Paderborn,Germany


+49 177 5104127

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